Are You Delaying Your Dream - Indefinitely?

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve talked to several women who have a dream that’s been delayed.

One soul sister put her dream on the back burner because she was busy tending to other dreams. 

One soul sister has meditated and prayed for her dream (while tending to other dreams) and she is now seeing bits and pieces start to show up.

One soul sister shook me to the core with her “why” - both of her “why’s.”

In my Personal Compass program, I help women find 2 “why’s”: 

  • Her Service Why - that’s their mission, the work they’ve been called to do to make a difference in helping others. 


  • Her Selfish Why - the reason they want to do their business for themselves. 

The soul sister who shared her service “why” and her selfish “why” reminded me of why we need everything doing their role - the role they agreed to play to help or heal our people and planet. 

What if each soul sister delays her dream? What’s the cost? 

For the people who are waiting for her to show up and help them - they are paying a cost of suffering longer, not having a solution to their problem that you can solve, and we (collectively) perpetuate the fear and unrest that comes from every person being overwhelmed by the challenge they are currently facing. And that fear begets fear. 

On a personal level, you feed your own fears, insecurity, doubt, or lack of confidence. You might get re-inspired and then you find yourself on the start - stop - stall cycle which is so defeating. When you get on that path it requires more and more will power. 

Don’t delay your dream! 

I can help you get the confidence, courage, commitment and conviction to get and stay in your dream lane with my Personal Compass program when you are ready.

Here’s some ideas to get that dream fire stoked and simmering until you’re ready to commit: 

  1. Research the dream
  2. Interview someone who is doing the dream
  3. Work for someone who is doing the dream (volunteer, part-time, or full time) 
  4. Start dabbling in the dream or a part of it
  5. Journal about your dream and what you’re learning by observing, working, or dabbling.

Procrastination is only a technique we’ve created to make us not have to experience failing. 

There is no failure - it’s all a learning experience. 

Fail forward and lean into your dream. 

Stoke those fires.

And reach out if you’re ready to move from INTEREST to COMMITMENT. 


Calling out your delay tactics / Dream Facilitator,



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