Is It Freedom You Want

bridge structure

People complain about fences but fences are boundaries.

With boundaries you know where it’s free to let your cattle roam (if you’re a rancher) without creating all kinds of havoc for others. Because…we want to live in harmony.


Know your boundaries and you can soar, fly, roam, and be all kinds of creative!

The same is true for structure. 

Structures give you freedom.


Once you have a structure you can “ride the rails” so to speak. 


Imagine a train without the structure of the tracks or the contained space to hold things. 

It would be a mangled mess.

The same is true for our lives and our business.


The lack of structure - too loosey goosey or overly adaptable - just fuels the start / stop / stall experience. That's so far from freedom.

When you’re “all over the place” you don’t make progress. 

That adds to the doubt “will this work for me” and triggers a feeling of not enoughness. 



What are structures you could benefit from? 

  • A calendar 
  • A schedule 
  • Meal planning
  • A business plan
  • Guidelines for processes
  • Routines 
  • Communication framework for handling conflict
  • A compass to navigate life 

And the list goes on.


Once you have some structure you relax and invest your energy in being creative, energetic, and incorporate your personal preferences or style. 

When you don’t have to worry about the “container” holding you, your process, the event, etc. you’ll have so much more freedom. 


I love freedom. 

Less worry and exhaustion.

More fun, focus, and flexibility. 


Structure is one of my strengths and I’ve created a lot of freedom - for myself and others. 


Here’s to your freedom! 


Your Structurist,


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