Remember That Feeling When You Finally Committed to Something?

entrepreneur determination and focus is like being all in on a backpacking trip


This morning I was putting in my aligners after breakfast and I gave myself a little “good job” pep talk.

I was feeling the feeling of when I hit “submit” to order them.

That feeling of “I’m all in.” 

Do you know what I mean? That feeling? 

After years of talking and thinking about it, I decided to get aligners. For so many years I had perfect teeth but for some reason my lower jaw shifted and the front tooth popped out. 

It was a certain kind of commitment. Followed by a rehearsal of it when they arrived and I put the first aligner in. And again this morning. 

It reminded me of a conversation I had a few years ago, catching up with an acquaintance and something she said got my attention.

I asked her what she was focusing on in the upcoming year and she said “I’m finally going to be the healthy person I keep talking about.” 


It was simple but profound.

And today I am watching Mary and Holley who are reporting their follow-through to a commitment they made to their health goals. 

  • They are on.
  • They are consistent!
  • They are working through their resistance.

When you shift from INTEREST in something to COMMITMENT you can experience the result you want.

The same is true for your values.

The same is true for your business. 

The same is true for your relationships. 

There’s a delightful and sometimes scary feeling when you make a commitment. 

And it’s not that you won’t have resistance. 

It’s not that you won’t hit a wall.

It’s not that you won’t move slower than you think. 

Just this last week, a super smart and savvy friend of mine posted in a tribe of female entrepreneurs we’re in, something to the effect of the frustration that comes when others are asking you “have you launched your business” yet. 

I get it! 

Slower progress can challenge your commitment. 

But please realize this… once you commit, you’re sending out the vibes to the universe that you are serious. The unfolding is already under way.

I know it stings and sucks - but just keep moving. 

Use frustrations to recommit.

Rally with women who are on the path - they “get you” like no one else does. 

Find support - it’s a lonely journey to take on your own.

Keep taking steps and making progress. 

And ask yourself this most important question: 

Am I just interested? Or am I committed? 

You’ll know the difference, like Mary and Holley, if you’re making the decision to commit.

You’ll have that “commitment” energy. 

It’s different.

You’ve experienced it before. 

That “all in” feeling. 

If you’re stuck in “getting ready to get ready” it might be time to go within and discern and decide if you’re ready to commit.

Soaking in the feeling of commitment here and wishing it for you, too,