How To Go From Scattered To Streamlined

There’s batching work

…and then there’s flow.


Productivity experts tell us that it takes a full 15 minutes to regain momentum every time you’re distracted and break your focus while working on a task.

So it’s more than a distraction - it’s the broken focus that causes us to delay progress.

The recommended solution is to batch your work to give yourself a block of time to work on one task.


The key to making that work of course is to eliminate distractions. 


Turning off devices. 


Staying out of overwhelm by breaking things down and by simplifying the work, the task, or the outcome. 


Those are good tips right there. 


Want even better productivity? 


It’s about flow - and I don’t really mean “go with the flow” as the saying goes, but once you do understand what flow is really about - yes, then go with the flow is spot on advice.


When you are in flow you are doing work that is aligned with your natural strengths. How you take information in, how you make decisions, the type of task, how much involves other people, and the kind of information or results your working on the task involves.


You know when you are in flow. It’s when you look up at the clock and can’t believe time has flown by. 



Do more of that work and your productivity will skyrocket. Your motivation will soar. Your willingness to show up will expand. 

But what about the other work - the tasks and activities you resist and put off? 


Idea 1: Delegate it

  • Kids (can do laundry at a very young age). 
  • Spouse (can share in carpool duties and grocery shopping.)
  • Interns (make an impact and get help!).
  • Staff (start very part time and find someone who is building their experience or pay an expert and let them do their thing so you can do yours!)


Get creative. I have a client who bartered tasks that required being around people more (shopping) to help with her budget because she wanted to poke her eye out when looking at spreadsheets. 

Idea 2: Assign tasks (and worries) by “energy”

I love helping my clients get more into flow by assigning a type of “energy” to each day of the week. 

Here’s an example from one of my clients who has a yoga studio: 

  • Monday - the number crunching day and details day (an inner day)

She chose this because she had that day off and could focus more on the tasks that weren’t her natural mojo.

  • Tuesday - the reflection and writing day (another inner day)

This is the day she journaled and reflected on her business as well as did writing for emails and promotions. 

  • Wednesday - the planning, brainstorming day (part inner day and part outer day) 

This is the day she would plan out promotions, classes, and collaborations. Some of it she did on her own and she reached out to others.

  • Thursday - the networking and reaching out to potential clients aka marketing and sales day

Though she did this off and on on the other days, she really stacked that day with all the “outward” facing activities of building new relationships, reaching out, marketing, and enrolling people in her vision or her classes. 

  • Friday - the take care of “my tribe” day 

This is the day she blocked out time to reach out to her current clients - by talking, calling, or writing or sending emails or posts that were directly related to current customers. (This is the day for the people known to you).


One benefit to arranging your days by energy is that you assign the worries and the tasks and you “let them go” knowing they are covered and stay focused on the tasks and activities for this day.


The bigger benefit is that you can “show up” each day in that energy - knowing that you will be having quieter focused tasks today (And the introverts say “ahhhh”) or a very outgoing day with people, people, people (and the extroverts say YAY!!!!) 


When you contain your energy into one type of energy 


Chunk out the tasks in bite size pieces 


Eliminate distractions 


Trust that your other work will be done on its own assigned day

You’ll become much more streamlined and get a productivity hit like no other time management hack can give you.

The idea for designing your days is based on an assessment I use that shows you the type of work you do best (and the one you will make the most money with, because people will inherently pay more for what they trust you to do and they will trust you to do the types of things you’ve been doing inherently all of your life). 


The test also shows you who you need around you to help you stay in the lane of high productivity and fulfillment. If you want to take the test - hit reply and let me know. I can hook you up with a nice discount. It’s normally $97 but I got your back with a 50% discount. 

This ain't your Aunt Flo or Flo from Progressive ads - this is the juice that allows you to wake up knowing what you’re doing and getting into the “energy” of it and getting stuff done! 


In the flow and loving it,


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A rising tide lifts all boats.