We know you're here for a reason.

And we know you're

Over 1800 women are responding to the call to start a business per day.

Are you ready to claim your reason and ease-on-down the entrepreneurial road?


ready to express their gifts and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

You might be an author, healer, coach, consultant, public speaker, yoga instructor, health practitioner, consultant, coaches, retreat facilitator or provider, or real estate agent.

When you're distracted by information or procrastinate when in overwhelm you don't need more information... you need

  • Creative Expression & Contribution 

  • Emotional Empowerment 

  • Higher Consciousness

  • Community

  • Sustainability 

  • Pace-of-Grace 

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Danette Layne has spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders around the world at Women's events, Business Conferences, and Retreats.

Danette is a highly regarded speaker and facilitator, creating experiences for audiences to connect with each other, challenge their personal assumptions, and take inspired action through her transparent, humorous, and authentic storytelling style.


Stay the Course 

How to create and experience a mission driven, heart-centered, authentic life and business using a customized compass to stay the course.


Mastering the Art of the Journey 

How to grow a profitable and sustainable business in a feminine way, without sacrificing your health or happiness at home.


Work Smarter Not Harder

Not just another list of “time management” hacks - get this blueprint for transforming your personal productivity so you can accelerate your business in balance and harmony. 


Founder, Her For a Reason
Creator, Personal Compass, Company Compass, & Turnkey Kits & Co-Working Club

Danette Layne is a co-author of the international best selling book You are a Genius, the author of The Cs To Success in Life, Love, and Business, and the Founder of Her For a Reason training and coaching company committed to equipping and empowering mission-driven women around the globe. Danette teaches female entrepreneurs how to navigate the entrepreneurial path - she calls the journey of a lifetime as it requires an expanded spiritual awareness, deeper personal growth, and a business application that allows you to serve others and make a profit so you can make a difference and fund your own personal dream.

As a master strategist and “structurist” Danette co-creates harmonious strategies and teaches women how to create the structures and systems that will contain and maintain her business in a way that is customizable and sustainable. She supports women to integrate a “grace-of-pace” and learn how to stay the course with a personal compass, taking the next right steps so they get traction and maintain momentum as they “ease-on-down” the path.

Supporting the global goals of gender equality, quality education, and reduced inequalities, Danette believes that women in business are a critical part to inspiring the shifts that are happening to bring about the collective mission of having a world we all want to live in. Where everyone can have a healthy mind, body, spirit, relationships, and planet. Danette reminds her students that they matter, they’re here for a reason and they are Her For a Reason - to experience fulfilment from the expression of their diving gifts and a deep sense of purpose by serving others with that gift, all the while experiencing higher levels of personal integrity and growth.


"Before working with Danette I felt "stuck" and not sure what was keeping me held back even though I have over 16 years experience in my industry. She identified issues and helped me resolve them so I could clearly see and understand what I need to do to move forward. My confidence has been restored, I have clarity and am achieving my goals."




"I'm feeling grateful today for your help over the last couple of months. I feel more aligned with what I desire from daily life. For me the feeling of contentment is a powerful motivator and encouraged me to to just change but change in alignments with how I want to feel. The results from this program were very positive and life changing!






"At the start, we collected data through questionnaires and assessments and used them through the process. The sessions are interesting, challenging, and positive. Danette is skilled with understanding and looking at the nuances and I enjoyed her fresh perspectives and the personal focus. I am following up on many activities using the guidance I received from Danette." 


"I knew I was tired and wanted more for myself and I'll always be grateful for the space and permission you gave me to breath and learn. I know who I want to be and where I want to be, and have a strong vision and I have no doubts now. I see more qualifies in life and have confidence, and have taken the leap on my dreams, knowing I'll figure it out and grow with my decisions. I am so happy!" 



Want to get connected with the Her For a Reason Community?




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